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Quranic principles and values were concretized and interpreted by the second and complementary source of law, the Sunna of the Prophet, the normative model behaviour of Muhammad.

The importance of the Sunna is rooted in such Quranic injunctions as "obey God and obey the Messenger...

Human rights groups in Tunisia had also been campaigning for the law to be abolished.

Yet, further study compels one to face the fact that there are some complexities involved in the use of the hadith as a basis for Islamic law and practice.If you should quarrel over anything refer it to God and the Messenger" () and "In God's messenger you have a fine model for anyone whose hope is in God and the Last Day" ().Belief that Muhammad was inspired by God to act wisely, in accordance with God's will, led to the acceptance of his example, or Sunna, as supplement to the Quran, and thus, a material or textual source of the law.This is especially clear when one once again considers the role of the hadith in Islam.Muslims are often quick to argue that in Islam, in contrast to Christianity, practice is of primary importance.

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