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Eventually he opened up a newsstand on 48th Street and Broadway in Manhattan.He ran this stand successfully for many years travelling back and forth by subway to his home in the Bronx.When I was old enough to understand and heard my father relate the story to friends I learned that some animals, especially those that are domesticated have a special sense of danger.It seems that when we got back to Norman dad’s friends couldn’t believe that we had survived the tornado that leveled the town that were supposed to go to.I am told that one day when I was very young he took me on a trip to Norman l where he had me on his lap on the horse.We were supposed to go to a small town outside of Norman when suddenly the horse stopped cold and refused to move.Upon graduation I go to work selling shoes in the Hillbilly Country of TN.

I wanted to fullill my dream of becoming a president of a company before I was 35 years of age.

During World War 2 he did volunteer work for the Red Cross and he did research for Dupont. On weekends he would take me to Kensico Reservoir in New York where we would fish for Bass.

I even learned how to find and handle Copperhead snakes, once bringing one home to my mother in the trunk of the car. Jeanne was my mother and she had a sister and two brothers.

With the support of his family he graduated college, played the saxophone, married and had three fine children.

Sammy refused the use of a Seeing Eye dog and he managed to get around with a cane.

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    Text with the ones you like and block the ones you don't. You are joined into a chat room with all these people you dont even know.

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    It was a big one and I was like, ‘Lets get 30 tattoos. '” On future tats: “I want to get a big-ass-motherf*****g tattoo on my forearm.