Dating your psychologist

Some even claim these practices lead to spiritual enlightenment. Instead, I use breathing exercises to stay positive, focused and appreciative in a crazy world (and especially when I’m stressed out by a looming deadline).

In this way, you can learn to respond rather than react.

Breathing is so ordinary that its true significance can easily pass us by.

But many of us have forgotten how to breathe correctly.

You could even make your own cards and write the greetings with a calligraphy pen.

And while you are writing, feel the pen gliding over the paper. Watch adverts: Research carried out by former ‘Mad Man’ Dr Robert Heath at the University of Bath suggests that the best way of evading the influence of advertising is to pay it full conscious attention. Can you notice any flickerings of sexual desire, humour, or perhaps wonderment and awe? Fear that you might miss out, or that you are not young or attractive enough? Can you notice the overwhelming pull of these emotions? Can you notice how each emotion is localised in different parts of the body? Each time you become aware of your emotions, return to paying attention to the adverts.

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