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Now, the topic of these two, in my opinion, is borderline.

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(Titus 1:7-9) show was neutral; neither good, nor bad. Thus, some pastors like Pastor Jay Haizlip, Bishop Ron Gibson (admittedly, a “wild card,” but I love him *smile*), and Pastor Wayne Chaney will thrive ministerially because of the show. Because what’s being exposed on the show of them, their character, and their [heart for] ministry is good and godly.

As a man of God I respect him, but I must admit, that level of respect definitely dropped (lower than when I found out he was dating Lisa Raye *face palm*) when I saw the show due to his:*If Bishop Jones does have a bona fide commitment phobia, then He, as a minister of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, imbued with Holy Spirit of God, can thus, cast out that spirit of fear by the Finger of God.

#No Excuses It don’t take no man THAT long to make that decision.

Would somebody please explain to me why Bishop Mc Clendon and his lovely wife, Priscilla, are even on the show if they consistently insist on NOT interacting with the others? And Pastor Jay.) is admittedly “sanctified eye candy” for the lady viewers, is that REALLY why you want him on the show. Or should I say, not adding much besides a sense of loftiness and pride, aloofness, and an overall lack of comradery with the other ministers. ) then shouldn’t we make sure that ALL those connected to the show and brand actually reflect the godly values that are so lacking in our society today?

There’s not an American today who doesn’t understand how reality TV works and if we’re going to follow the world’s pattern of reality shows, which we are, then Bishop should know that he must actually interact with the other cast members. Shouldn’t the show set itself up to be a I understand business. What fruit is it bearing from the Kingdom of Darkness?

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