How to restore itunes library after updating itunes

The XML file can be copied to your desktop and back to your i Tunes folder to rebuild your library and playlists without any data loss. For Macs, click the "Finder" icon and click the "Music" tab on the sidebar.

Double-click the "i Tunes" folder, and drag the "i Tunes Library.xml" file to your desktop.

But it is not the disaster that it may at first look like.

(added 0840): For the sake of completeness, I should point out that the i Cloud icon with the broken lines shown above indicates a track which is being transferred to i Tunes in the Cloud, typically seen when you first subscribe to Apple Music, or when you have ceased subscribing.

If you, like me, had a three-month trial of Apple Music and did not renew it, or have cancelled your subscription to it, your i Tunes Music library is possibly left in something of a mess.

One user claims that his trial of Apple Music has resulted in the loss of many tracks, and all sorts of other problems.

To that, the i Tunes guru at Macworld has asserted that cannot be the result of cancelling his subscription. As usual, the truth probably rests somewhere between these two extremes.

I have not seen any tracks deleted, nor my original home-ripped tracks lost, but at the same time Apple Music did not restore the status quo.

Another clear support article here steps you through replacing a track which has gone missing, such as that described in Missing Tracks above.i Cloud Music Library When you first subscribed to Apple Music, you agreed to use i Cloud Music Library, or i Tunes in the Cloud.Then, whenever you let i Tunes have the chance, it was busy copying (not moving) tracks from your Mac into i Cloud, to help that service to work.The snag is that you are not likely to have many previous library files: since I dabbled with Apple Music, there has only been one stored, and that was when my current problems were well established.The next previous library file was almost a year ago, before I tried Apple Music.

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