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Please be aware that this is not the only grocery store in this area and people will not spend their hard earned money and be disrespected at the same time.It’s employees like these that tarnish a company’s brand.I am sure Winn Dixie follows the labor laws and allows their employees to have their breaks in the break area.The integrity and values of a company is what carries them for years to come and your store # 2390 has NONE.The Winn-Dixie corporate office is still located in Jacksonville.Store Number #1454 This groceries store the managers that work there treat most of their employees like no team player.Reply I have never in my life experienced the type of service I did today.I frequently visit this location and have never experienced what I unfortunately had to experience today.

Winn-Dixie was founded by William Milton Davis and his sons in Burley, Idado in 1914.

I asked her do you have to sling my things like that and her response was ” I only have 1 hand ” while biting and chewing the Kit Kat in her hand. When the managers came over they were unprofessional, unapologetic, unapproachable, unconcerned and rude to say the least.

I could not believe what I had just heard and was witnessing . The manager told me that “she had just worked a double and was hungry and needs to eat she is human.” To my disbelief I was made to feel like I was unhuman to expect her not to sling the things that I was purchasing while eating a Kit Kat in my face.

I actually hadn't realised quite how bad it was till I started taking citalopram and I felt normal! I feel incompetent at my job and I've even started wondering if it's right for me, I'm a teacher and I've always loved my job.

I've come off it properly, one every 2 days, then half every 2, then quarter every 2/3 days. I'm becoming paranoid about my relationship and tearful at the slightest thing. I really need some reassurance that I won't need to be on this for the rest of my life.

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